01.11.09 ~ What?! ... I'm Pregnant?!

So I saw the fertility specialist on January 6th for a first-time consultation. She was my new doctor because Nate and I had just switched insurances because of Nate getting his new job in November. I was worried that we would have to waste time and start all over with fertility, but she was really great about looking at my past test results and just moving on. So after we talked a bit about my situation and looking at my "tubal blockage," she convinced me that the best thing to do would to just have the surgery right away that would "clean out" my tubes and ovaries of any tissue or adhesions that might be blocking the path for conception. We scheduled the surgery for Friday, January 16th - that way, I could heal on the weekend and it was perfect timing to have it because my period was supposed to start within the next day or two. The surgery had to be done between day 10-14 after having my period. The doctor and I both looked at my schedule for starting my period (I keep track every month in my day planner), and she pointed out that I should have started by now. I told her I'm probably going to start any day now (sometimes I can be a couple of days late). She said, "well, maybe you are pregnant?" I just laughed, and dismissed it quickly, but I agreed to taking a pregnancy test for her that night. So, after work that day, I bought a pregnancy test that had 2 tests in the box ... I took one of them that night, as promised. Only one line showed up - meaning no, I wasn't pregnant. I hardly looked at it and just threw it away in the garbage, not thinking anything of it. I knew I couldn't be pregnant ... I just thought my period would start any time soon within the next day or so.

Well, Sunday rolls along ... January 11th (the day before Nate's birthday), and still, no period. It had been 4 days from taking the last pregnancy test, and I woke up that morning thinking, "what the heck - I'll just take the other test for the fun of it - no need for it to go to waste." I was also really baffled as to why my period had not started yet. So I grabbed the other pregnancy test from the box, took the test, and started to get ready for church while I waited for the results. After 5 minutes had passed, I went back into the bathroom to just discard of the thing. But as I grabbed it, I noticed a faint second line showing up ... WHAT?! TWO LINES?! I had never seen that before, and was quite confused - especially because one line was darker than the other. Was it a false positive or something? I quickly ran to the bedroom with it and shook Nate awake, and asked him what this means ... one line dark, one line lightly showing ... he just groggily said, "maybe you are pregnant," and went back to bed. It was funny - he was pretty out of it. After we got ready to go to church, we both just kept telling ourselves to not think about it - to not get our hopes up - and just wait until that evening to go and buy another pregnancy test. It was funny though - the whole time in sacrament, we kept whispering about it, smiling at each other, getting excited, and then we'd always end our conversations with, "let's not get carried away yet," or "then again, it might not be anything," etc. All I can say, is that day went by very slowly.

So after church, we went to Nate's family's house for a birthday celebration. Cindi cooked a wonderful meal and we celebrated Nate's birthday together as a family. Then, after the dinner, it was evening, and Nate and I decided to make a pit-stop at Walgreens up the street and get a different pregnancy test - one that is digital and actually shows the words "pregnant" or "not pregnant" on the test. So yes, we broke the Sabbath, but felt it was for a good cause. ☺ ... I took the test right when we walked in the door - the next 5 minutes were excruciatingly long. I couldn't even go back into the bathroom to check and see what it said - Nate had to go in for me. In that moment, I kept praying in my mind, "please let it say pregnant ... please, please, please." Nate came out with a smile on his face and calmly said, "it says pregnant."

I couldn't believe it. He handed the test over to me and I just started balling my eyes out. Nate kept hugging me and we were both just almost in a disbelief of it all.

We only had a few minutes of celebration together, when we heard a knock at the door. I quickly wiped the tears from my face, jammed the pregnancy test down the side of the couch, and Nate opened the door. It was the missionaries in our area, making a surprise visit! They like to stop by every now and then, and one of the missionaries had to use the bathroom as well. It wasn't until after they had left, that I realized that I left all the pregnancy test paper, wrapper, and box, out on the bathroom counter. Woops! So that missionary was probably the first to know out of anyone! ☺ Nate and I had a good laugh about it.

The next day, on Nate's birthday, I called the fertility specialist and told her I took another test and it came out positive. She had me come in that day and draw my blood to confirm that it was positive. I waited all morning, and finally, late afternoon, they called me at work to confirm that yes, I was indeed pregnant. Nate and I went out to dinner that night for his birthday and it was a great night of celebration - both with it being his 29th birthday and in knowing that we are going to be parents ... finally!